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Related Literature on Cigarette Smoking - 12524 Words

Journal of Health Economics 18 Ã… ½1999. 1–29 An economic theory of cigarette addiction Steven M. Suranovic a,) , Robert S. Goldfarb a , Thomas C. Leonard b a Department of Economics, The George Washington UniÕersity, 2201 G St. N.W., Washington, DC 20052, USA b Department of Economics, Princeton UniÕersity, Princeton, USA Received 1 July 1996; revised 1 March 1998; accepted 30 April 1998 Abstract In this paper we present a model in which individuals act in their own best interest, to explain many behaviors associated with cigarette addiction. There are two key features of the model. First, there is an explicit representation of the withdrawal effects experienced when smokers attempt to quit smoking. Second, there is explicit recognition†¦show more content†¦notes that, according to the disease view, excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs is the result of an ‘‘underlying disease process . . . thought to cause compulsive use; in other words, the high rate and volume of use are merely the manifest symptoms of an illness. The exact nature of the illness is not fully understood at this point, but many proponents of the disease model believe that it has genetic origins . . . If the disease . . . is not present, then dependencies cannot develop, no matter how much of the substance is consumed. The ‘addiction as a disease’ model maintains that the alcoholic and addict are victims of an illness’’. Ã… ½pp. 3–4.. Thombs contrasts the moral and disease models of addiction to a view of ‘addiction as maladaptive behavior’. For additional discussion of the disease model, see the articles in Peele Ã… ½1988.. 2 This characterization of approaches to modeling addiction is from Herrnstein and Prelec Ã… ½1992.. Viscusi Ã… ½1992., whose work focuses on individuals’ risk perceptions about smoking, specifies three modeling approaches: the fully rational smoker; the stylized smoker who is ignorant of the hazard of smoking; and the smoker with cognitive limitations. S.M. SuranoÕic et al.r Journal of Health Economics 18 (1999) 1–29 3 forcement, which means that greater current consumption raises future consumption, and that reinforcement is a feature of many addictive goods. However, an additional implication of adjacentShow MoreRelatedSmoking and Dental mplants714 Words   |  3 Pagesfactors may be classified as ;patient, clinician or implant associated15,16. Cigarette smoking, a patient related risk factor, is a common habit. It has been under scrutiny for long due to a progressive number of diseases directly or indirectly linked with it 20.The toxic byproducts of the cigarette smoke have been implicated to influence general health 21.The oral cavity, being the first point of contact for cigarette smoke and heat, may be equally affected22. The implant insertion may be comparedRead MoreSmoking Cessation in New Zealand1626 Words   |  6 PagesTITLE: SMOKING CESSATION IN NEW ZEALAND RATIONALE AND AIM The aim of my proposal is to give valuable information about smoking and smoking cessation in a presentation that could be helpful to teenagers and pregnant women who want to quit smoking. The presentation will use simple pictures and language to make it easy for everybody to learn about the harmful impact of smoking on health. Along with this, there are three key goals of tobacco control exercises: To lessen the use of smoking, to discontinueRead MoreWhat Are the Reasons of the Teenagers in Smoking1469 Words   |  6 Pagesaddictive drug, smokers are aware in this. Even people who haven’t been addicted to smoking at all, why do they take up smoking? What are the reasons? Why they engaged there selves to this kind of habit? Curiousness convinced me to study this problem. One of my objectives in this study is to know how important that reasons of smokers why they used to link and addicted in this habit. It seems obvious that smoking is very bad, and people tell us not to smoke. Yet in everyday life, there are peopleRead MoreCauses of Smoking Habit Among Teenagers1621 Words   |  7 PagesCauses of Smoking habit among Teenagers Regina Jane A. Ancheta Math11FA1 Prof. Dangla Hypothesis: Chapter 1: Introduction Each year a great amount of money are being wasted in smoking. Although it is quite obvious that smoking habit is dangerous and injurious to health but still a larger number of people especially teenagers attracting and getting involved in smoking habit day by day. Some reasons of this addiction are obvious such as influence of friends or community member as teenageRead MoreThe Effect Of The Stress Of Exams On The Cigarette Consumption Level Of Young Students920 Words   |  4 PagesDiscussion and Conclusion The purpose of this report was to investigate the effects of the stress of exams in the cigarette consumption level of young students. It was found that students are more prone to smoke when they are under the stress of exams. There are a significant amount of results that agree with the hypothesis. It was found that the majority of participants who claimed being smokers are in the age of 18-22 and are college students. Moreover, the 87% of the responses stated that examsRead MoreThe Use of Tobacco Related Products936 Words   |  4 PagesThe use of tobacco related products has over time become a global world epidemic. Day in and out, people die from tobacco related causes. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), currently 12% of all deaths among adults aged 30 years and over were attributed to tobacco. Again in 2004, about 5 million adults aged 30 years and over died from tobacco related to direct tobacco use (smoking and smokeless) around the globe, that is one death approximately every six seconds. Tobacco causes manyRead MoreNegative Effects of Smoking on Human Health and the Economy1475 Words   |  6 Pages Moreover, smoking particularly adversely affects womens reproductive health, and smoke exposure on children has had detrimental and some sometimes fatal effects on children. Many studies have examined and outlined the adverse effects of maternal smoking on both the mother as well as on the baby and/or infant ( Hofhuis, de Jongste, Merkus, 2003 Woolbright 1994). Many states such as Alabama required documentation on birth certificates of tobacco use of mothers (Woolbright, 1994). Despite theRead MoreThe Use Of Electronic Cigarettes787 Words   |  4 Pagesparticipants. Adult e-cigarette users (18 years old and above) are the participants in this review. Both genders were included. Type of intervention. The intervention is the use of electronic cigarettes. Types of outcome measures. The outcome of interest is any adverse health effects related to smoking of e-cigarettes. Search Strategy and Information Sources. On September 28, 2017, we conducted a systematic search of PubMed and Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature(CINAHL). The searchRead MoreNon Smoker Policy1028 Words   |  5 PagesNon-Smoker Protection Act (NSPA) that banned smoking in enclosed areas in Tennessee with some exceptions (â€Å"Information for Employers†, n.d.). The law went into effect on June 11, 2007 and municipalities had to observe it no longer than October 1, 2007. This law was enforced by the Tennessee Department of Health. In 2006, Tennessee ranked 5th in the highest percentage of current smokers among the 50 states (Bauer L, 2008). The Tennessee legislature recognized smoking in public places as a public health problemRead MoreThe Dangers Of Passive Smoking1293 Words   |  6 PagesPassive smoking, is known as â€Å"second hand smoke† or â€Å"environmental tobacco smoke(ETS)†. Passive smoking occurred when the non-smoker people breathe in the chemical that released from surrounding smoker’s cigarette, or being exposed in smoke environment. It also comprises â€Å"sidestream† smoke from the burning tip of the cigarette and â€Å"mainstream† smoke which is smoke that has been inhaled and then exhaled by the smoker. It is a real threat to public health, however, people ignore or look down upon this

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