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The Issue Of Mineral Rights Essay - 1954 Words

As a first-time homebuyer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I thought I had very carefully prepared myself for all that the process would involve, including gathering income and financial documentation, qualifying for a mortgage, arranging for a thorough inspection, evaluating needs and desires from a home and finding a reputable agent to represent my interests. One area I never considered, however, was the issue of mineral rights. To be perfectly honest, although I d heard the term, I d never given consideration to what it actually meant. But that all changed in the middle of my home buying process - and I d like to share with you the knowledge I ve gained through extensive research I completed to protect my own rights and the rights I would possess as a soon-to-be homeowner. According to property law, two different forms of rights exist in any real property: surface rights and mineral rights. Surface rights refer to any structure erected above the surface or sub-surface structures th at do not exceed a certain depth, as well as rights to use all surface property surrounding structures in accordance with zoning ordinances. Mineral rights refer to mineral substances below a certain depth and the way in which they are preserved, explored or extracted. These mineral substances can include natural gas, oil, or any other substance in common use today that can be mined or otherwise extracted from below the surface. Local laws set the depth below which surface rights terminateShow MoreRelatedThe Mining Act 1990830 Words   |  4 Pages1990, has a significant role in protecting Ontario’s vast mineral resources and brings forth a set of policies in which promote responsible mining development and extraction. The provincial government plays an integral role in the provinces mining industry because the Act requires that all mineral claims must be recorded and accepted by the Crown which from then the two parties discuss a lease fee for the mineral rights. After loca ting a mineral claim in an area deemed open by the Crown, there are twoRead MoreCadia Case Analysis Essay1726 Words   |  7 PagesHoldings Pty Ltd and Newcrest Operations Ltd (NOL) owned land in New South Wales, granted to them by the State of New South Wales under the Mining Act 1992 (NSW). From July 1998 to March 2008, Cadia conducted mining operations in which it recovered minerals including copper and gold, and paid royalties to the Minister pursuant to the Mining Act 1992 (NSW). The Minister referred to the Case of Mines[1], claiming that the mine owned by Cadia was a â€Å"royal mine† containing gold that belonged to the CrownRead MoreBare Minerals vs Pur Minerals851 Words   |  4 PagesBare Minerals versus Pur Minerals Kristina McClary English 112 March 4, 2010 In the last ten years the cosmetics has transcends from chemical base to natural from foundations and blushes to lip color and eye makeup. Women have many choices in cosmetics brands, such as department specialty discount stores brands. Due to the growing popularity of natural cosmetics in demand specialty cosmetic companies like Bare Minerals and Pur minerals were introduce to answer. Bare Minerals the first toRead MoreMandated Disclosure Of Conflict Minerals : Does It Work?1626 Words   |  7 PagesSection 1502 Mandated Disclosure of Conflict Minerals: Does it work? In short form, Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act mandates disclosure of conflict minerals originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and due diligence in sourcing those conflict minerals. Conflict minerals include gold, tantalum, tin, and tungsten, which are used in many popular consumer products used and manufactured throughoutRead MoreThe Law Of General Application1414 Words   |  6 PagesMINISTER FOR MINERALS AND ENERGY 2013 (4) SA 1 (CC) The facts of the case were that â€Å"Sebenza (Pty) Ltd bought coal rights from the liquidators of Kwa-Zulu Collieries (Pty) Ltd for R1 048 800 on 2 October 2001 and registered them in its name. S was not the owner of the land on which the coal was located. [14] On 1 May 2004 the MPRDA came into effect. S became the holder of an unused old order right on that date. This happened in terms of item 8 of schedule II to the MPRDA. Unused old order rights were inRead MoreA Brief Note On Mining And Its Impact On The Environment Essay1376 Words   |  6 Pagesespecially in Canada.Canada has one of the largest mining supply sectors in the world,more than 3 700 companies and is one of the largest mineral suppliers.Canada is first place for Potash,second place for uranium and niobium,third place for cobalt,aluminum,tungsten and platinum group metals (M.A.C,n.d.).Mining is important because it is the process of discovering the minerals that are used to make steel,,jewelry,lead,and many other types of metals used everyday.Mining may be useful but it has a negativeRead MoreThe Oil And Natural Gas1240 Words   |  5 Pagesa piece of land does not mean he or she has the right to set up a lease for the drilling of oil or gas. Before mining and drilling was possible the ownership of land was simple, the owner owned the surface, subsurface and the air above the surface. Today it is possible for an owner to only own the surface of their land, this is called surface rights. In order to set up a drilling lease the owner must posses the surface rights and the mining rights which means that they own wants beneath the surfaceRead MoreThe Mining Of Conflict Minerals1427 Words   |  6 Pages Conflict minerals are used in many commercially available items, such as many electronic devices and much jewelry. These minerals are Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten and Gold. Mines, in which these minerals are collected, are often sites for violent armed groups, hence the name conflict minerals. This problem is especially prominent in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but also takes place in many other nations such as the Central African Republic, Tanzania and Angola as well. These nations often do notRead MoreEthics And The Ethical Dilemma1252 Words   |  6 Pagesthey mostly depends on manufacturers in Asia. But the manufacturers never knew where the minerals they use come from. The Apple company used conflict minerals which is against human rights and they extracted illegally from Congo mineral deposits. It is a great mistake done by them. This reflected the ethics of Integrity and Leadership .Two things that reflect these ethics are that using of conflict minerals and the second is not to reveal this to the manufacturers. Apple started facing pressureRead MoreOur Nutrition And Food We Eat1251 Words   |  6 Pagesconditions (Axelson, Federline and Brinberg). Around a large portion of the wellbeing heap of food is attributable to dangerous water, unaltered sanitation and cleanliness. Interestingly, in industrialized countries, over-food and food wellbeing issues, including food borne disorders impacting human wellbeing furthermore impacts joined with cultivating creation schemas, are pervasive concerns. There is furthermore a foremost rate of under food among destitute, and a higher inconvenience of both

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